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Henna Cones and Kits

Would you like to learn how to do henna yourself from scratch? Now is your chance. We can put together a henna kit designed to meet your needs  with a choice of two different hennas.

Whether you are a beginner or professional we can supply all that you need to get you going in the wonderful art of henna.

Pre Mixed Henna Cones:   Let us do the mixing for you. Sometimes trying to get the mix right, the timing right etc can be a bit tricky for some, so why not let us make the henna for you? Made fresh especially for you and to your requirements it can be made in different sizes. The mix can be altered to cater for any allergies to coffee, citrus, etc. This also comes with a full ingredients and information list.
For this service we need to have at least 4 days notice to enable us to make the henna and get it ready for dispatch.

Henna: Two different types but both excellent.

Essential Oils: Pure and unadulterated. Our oils are as pure as can be. Added to your henna mix they can help with colour and development time. Follow the link for more information.


CONES: We can make you up as many empty henna cones as required. We have found that florists plastic wrapping paper is the best material so far. Cut into triangles and rolled into an ice cream cone shape. This is by far the best tool that we have used. These are charged at 0.10p a cone. 

CARROT BAGS: Carrot shaped plastic bags similar to an icing bag with a sealed end. Easily refillable. Good for carrying large amounts of henna, use as a filler bag for cones, a filler for large henna design work  or use it like a cone. Just carefully cut the end off with a sharp blade and off you go. These are also 0.10p a bag.

Pattern Books  These are just the best books around and there are more to come. These will get you up and running with beautiful designs for you to apply onto yourself or clients. Made by professional henna artists for henna artists.